Christmas Poem
By Christiana Hale
For countless years, the Dragon roared
And men would fight in vain with sword.
Though many sought with might to slay,
The Serpent's strength grew day by day.
In darker days, this Dragon's breath
Enslaved our fathers unto death.
They thought to worship stones and beasts
While on their souls the Dragon feasts.
A Greater Might, a Hero bold,
Came thundering down the halls of gold.
He came with shouts as soft as cries.
He came with virgin's lullabies.
He fought with weapons yet unknown.
The Dragon scoffed to see this Foe.
A MAN? This flesh would quickly die.
And in a tomb this Lord would lie.
But then, the blinded Snake of old
Mistook the plan that would unfold.
For by the very DEATH of GOD
The Serpent's head would bite the sod.
The first blow fell. And ever since
His saints have followed still their Prince -
Slaying dragons left and right
With infant songs and Christmas lights.
They die with praises on their tongues.
The Serpent hasn’t learned his wrongs.
He seeks to crush the battle hymns -
But death no longer seems so grim.
Our Lord has crushed the jaws of death.
And little children laugh to see
The Dragon's teeth hung on a tree.

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Why aren't more people talking about the Forensic inspection on the Dominion Machine in Georgia that proved that Biden votes were worth 1.13 and Trump votes only 0.87 ? 

pen - "The devil breaks his tools when he’s done with them."

Thus far, these tests have not conveyed to medical professionals the degree of viral load or contagiousness – just a positive or negative result. It’s akin to measuring a 10-alarm fire and a microscopic ember in a piece of wood with the same test.

Dr. Scott Atlas: “We are the only nation among our peer nations that are hysterical about opening schools…the only country that seems to be willing to sacrifice our children out of our own fear” (this 8/31/20 FL presser

Los Angeles County Targets Grace Community Church For Holding Worship Services By Terminating Parking Lot Lease

Reminder: Per Professor Woolhouse, we're still at zero confirmed instances of a student infecting a teacher anywhere in the world.

Ted Wheeler has blood on his hands. He decided to play politics and refused @realDonaldTrump's offer to send the National Guard to end the riots and now an innocent Trump supporter is dead at the hands of the radical leftwing mob because of it. He's a disgrace!!!

Nothing to see here — just the VP candidate for the Democratic Party raising funds to release violent antifa terrorists from jail so they can loot, riot, destroy, terrorize and murder her fellow Americans in the street.

Will the press ask @KamalaHarris about this?

“This manual explains how to protect yourself from hackers, in layman’s terms. Six professional hackers 👨‍💻 helped create this guide.”


Merkel reveals she has no regrets over 2015 migrant influx, claims she would let 1 million into Germany again - The NWO reveals its gameplan

"The politician added that European nations will face similar tough decisions for many years to come. “The subject of migration … is not finished. It will be a constant theme for the 21st century,” she said"

The EU shills will keep promoting open borders until ALL nation states culturally are destroyed. It's just part of the plan. There are a few other websites from which you can download Android apps.

Fediverse apps promise a future free of censorship and Big Tech, but Google is threatening them

Dr. Fauci, via NPR, on asymptomatic spread of respiratory infectious diseases: "The history of respiratory disease is that 'asymptomatic transmission is not the main driver of [any] outbreak.' "

Ok. Take off your masks. If you're sick, stay home.

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