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Sometimes posts... (Will try and tag for better filtering):

(nerdy twists on bible verse/s)

Andrew Murray also Asimov, Brian Caswell , , Tolkien, D&L Eddings...

Australian Politics: but parliament is on holidays much of the year

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Apologies if you're here because I followed you and you are trying to work out why - I followed you because I think you sound interesting. I'm not expecting you to follow me back - my interests are far, far wider than the stuff I talk about.

Immigration / Aus, S Af 

Today is Australia's National Day of Prayer and Fasting - if you want to join in, there's a live stream here:

This is disingenuous and irritating.

Francis Chan: "I prayed for people and they got healed, look what God did!!"

Christian Post Headline: "Francis Chan heals people"

ARGHH the headline on a Christian newspaper should be able to figure out who the credit belongs to??

I do love a positive news story:

Kosovo's new Prime Minister has taken a 50% pay cut to demonstrate he is serious about wage equality 👍


PSA: as cases of hit 30,000 and it sounds like astronomical numbers, i would like to remind you that even if ALL of these cases were in the city of origin... that is still only **1%** of that city's population that is known to have the virus.

1%. The media makes it sound like "everyone" has it.

Its a disease with a 10% chance of it being serious and a 2% chance of it being fatal. That's not nothing, but it's sure not cancer either.

It is good to maintain perspective.

Australian Politics (Vic, Environment) 

Shout out to @masterofthetiger for being a fantastic instance admin and creating a safe haven for those of us who want one. It's not an easy job but you are SO appreciated

Wow. We have a new (old) PC for kids to play on, and it's not connected to the internet... I suddenly realised that in the last five or ten years, it's become nearly impossible to just download an msi installer for a basic free game to transfer by USB. Turns out you have to use the microsoft store, or steam, or something like that to install almost anything at all

Wow... when did installers get so tangled up with online stores

Apparently the Australian Broadcasting Corporation doesn't know the difference between tidal erosion and Climate Change... the two are 100% conflated in this article gently mocking Torres Strait Islanders for praying and trusting God will save their island

Have they started making Lego/Duplo out of recycled HDPE/LDPE yet?

Putting into perspective:

"Hua said that while there has been over 17,000 cases of nCoV worldwide so far, with over 300 deaths, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates there has been 19 million cases of the flu in the US since October last year, with at least 10,000 deaths."

Source: RT (Russia Today, English)

Actually maybe I need a specific account on a different server just for a curated feed of what's going on in the world outside of the USA... like ... don't know what server that should be on. Suggestions?

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If they do these things when the wood is green, what will they do when the wood is dry?

- luke 23:31

Australian Politics (Victoria, Auslan) 

Today's random fact:

A Stock Mustering Order is when your cows etc wander onto the farm next door and the owner won't let you get them back, so you ask a judge and he says that you (or a cop) can go round them up and take them home - NSW, Australia.

Australian Politics 

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Australian Politics 

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Australian Politics 

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