Just found out about Campbell's Frozen Hell the book that inspired The Thing (1982) one of my favorite movies of all time.
I can't wait for some free to time to read through this book.

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BREAKING: The suspect in the #Boulder, Colo. mass shooting where 10 were murdered has been identified as Ahmad al-Issa. He was first described as a white male. His social media, which is now deleted, show he was a religious Muslim who posted frequently about "Islamophobia."

[🖼 nitter.salastil.com/pic/media%…] [🖼 nitter.salastil.com/pic/media%…] [🖼 nitter.salastil.com/pic/media%…] [🖼 nitter.salastil.com/pic/media%…] -- Source: https://nitter.salastil.com/MrAndyNgo/status/1374388189633208323#m

@jordan31 The only thing I can do is pray for these people that they may accept the Lord through Jesus.

@jordan31 I'll have to disagree considering Orthodox Jews that have murdered the traditional jews you speak of are the main ones in charge now-a-days. The worship from the Talmund made via rabbis a hundred years after the death and rebirth of Christ. You would know this if you read the things you claimed to have read.

I guess we can agree to disagree on this.

@jordan31 btw, how do I filter a node on here? I want to filter these pedophile anime nodes that keep popping up but I can't see how.

@jordan31 It is true the jews aren't the chosen people. I recommend reading the Talmund - orthodox rabbis have been using it to "out jew" God for centuries. "i.e. You can worship this false idol here, but as long as you can give to God on the side your good."
Not to mention them rejecting God's son as a whole.

@jordan31 I agree, but idk maybe it's because I'm used to the old version of the internet. I see people acting edgy online and I just ignore it and move on. It doesn't really affect me.


I would rather we didn't censor free speech on here, but I understand filtering the porn instances considering where we are.

I wish I could remember the guys name, but a famous interview back in the 80s. We don't agree with what they say, "however we support their ability to say it".

@jordan31 It's a dark rabbit hole to go down, and some people it drives them crazy, but with the BLM hate group running around look who funds it and ACTBlue. (George Soros) and check his early life. He has gone on record that the best time of his life was killing and stealing money from other jews during WW2 SS days.

@jordan31 I follow the godcast. He does preach true Christian virtues. He doesn’t hate people based on their race, but he calls out those who wish to destroy society and the Orthodox Jews seem to be doing a lot of damage today

It's weird seeing spotify actually recommend me something good: youtube.com/watch?v=-fx7Ym7Fg8

If anyone has any good alternative rock bands with this kind of atmosphere please send them my way :D

Wish I discovered this band sooner. youtube.com/watch?v=xxSFZlbE9O
Apparently, they are from Dallas, TX

@ofotherworlds @kris I felt the same way for a long time. After sitting down with a relative and working on my resume, and looking forward to not being a broke college student anymore...I took some of the mock interviews at my university and it really helped with the anxiety

@zephan thanks for the recommendation. I do need to re-read through Matthew mark luke John. Any Old Testament recommendations after?

Thank you for all that followed me. Does anyone know a good bible reading plan for new Christians? At this point I've read all of Genesis, Revelations, and Ecclesiastes.

The more I delve deep into Christian life I realize I have more and more to fix about myself. I wish covid was over so my old church would reopen.

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