I've just been musing how odd folks seem to fit in better in some country towns - some are cliquey and some have a clique, but some can be very accepting of the oddballs in their midst.

"Ah, that's just Johnny. You know how he is."

What distro should i put on my PinePhone?

Also is there a linux phone bible app? (Which distros run it....?)

@quoll worst case the pastor kicks them out of church for bringing the wrong people to church - addicts, whores, and single parents ... i have friends who were literally asked to stop bringing people to church

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In the Aussie church, if someone keeps trying to tell other people about Jesus, Best case we call them a missionary and send them far, far away ... worst case the pastor t

Privacy: handing someone a $5 note for an old copy of Ordering Your Private World and curling up with a cup of coffee and reading it. WITHOUT it being logged to your bank account, paypal, eBay, Kindle(Amazon), in your google search history, Goodreads, or apple/android user data to be dug up at a later date by parties unknown

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