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Things I like reading on the Fediverse:

- funny memes
- updates or comments about projects you are working on
- interesting news stories from the rest of the world (not the US)
- what men like about women
- what people like about people they admire/respect
- things which contradict my thinking and make me reconsider
- small things you can do to make the environment better
- funny quotes
- honest wrestling with God and theology and the bible

Parents with kinder/preschool kids:

If you want to give them a jump up on reading - and I would suggest this, as not 'getting' the basic skills of decoding words can make the rest of learning hard ...

There's a fantastic 'learn to read' or 'remedial reading' program called Intervention A that's open-source and free to use. As a parent who's gone through this a few times: I highly recommend reading through the activities yourself and giving them a go, to see where your child is up to. From there, keep going and help your kid boost their pre-reading and early reading skills. (It's better and more productive by far to do random 5 minute activities here and there, than to make a huge ordeal out of it!)

(Cynical) Regulations, Bible 

Offences commited during Feeding of the 5000 (in the bible):

* no covid-safe plan, greater number of people than maximum gathering size, no masks, no QR check-in enforced, no covid marshals, no per-square-metre density limits or enforced social distancing
* no gluten free, low sodium or vegan option (medical, faith based discrimination)
* no toilets provided, no infant care facilities, and no disability access (OH&S laws violation)
* No refrigeration, fish out of fridge > 2 hours, no valid food handling certificate, no council licensed food premises to serve from (Food Safely laws)
* No 'working with children' checks, police checks, or "working with children and vulnerable adults" training and guidelines (Duty of Care)
* Event staff weren't wearing proper identification
* No qualified first aiders or paramedics were organised to be in attendance
* No liability insurance

These things are all well and good, by the way. I don't mind that we do them, it just feels a bit ridiculous sometimes.

Things I wish the supermarkets and food chains would hand out (instead of small plastic "collectible" toys):

**Custom metal cutlery/spoons and forks
**Reusable calico bags (compostable? Bonus points!)
*Seed packets (no peat pellet thing or a bigger one?)
*Collectible recipe cards, new one every day?
*cynical postcards (with postage paid?) + campaign to encourage people to write each other letters, because social isolation is real
*Mesh or net drawstring produce bags
*Fountain pen ink refills (i don't think pens are going away anytime soon, then again mass produced plastic cased refills aren't much better for the environment are they)
*digital assets: credits for a game, in-game items or something (collaborate with Steam?)
*when they did "spend $40 and get a free sheet of custom name labels" that was pretty good

Melbourne, we got this. We're all in it together! Solidarity!

Oh, I don't mean literally in it together, of course. I'm camped out over 1500km away and I'm not coming back until this all blows over.

When you try and kill the church, all you do is prune it

I swear, someone really needs to write a guide or short e-book on "how to do ethical and effective advertising online which respects your customers"

I mean, as a consumer there's a lot you can do to prevent tracking, invasive advertising etc, but what does doing it the "right" way look like for a small business or microbusiness?

Does nobody believe in productive businesses anymore, just endless funnel marketing of online courses

For anyone who's bored, I just found a list of brutally honest descriptions of Australian prime ministers... It's so terribly good

Hey who knows stuff about advertising?

If I want to start a business and get a product in front of a relevant (IT-people centric) audience, do I have to give money to Google and Facebook?

So far, most of the places I'd think to advertise outsource ad placement to google/doubleclick. DuckDuckGo does their ads through Microsoft.

Any ideas?

Dental fillings just got rescheduled again... for the fourth time. Sudden "snap" lockdown might have a silver lining πŸ˜œβ€‹

re: Church/State and discrimination 

The problem I'm seeing here is that there are groups (marxist groups) who have infiltrated a number of government departments, including environment, health, and education. They would like to see the christian church in Australia pretty well killed off.

The Chinese tried that, and there are now more Christians in China than there are people in Australia.

The soviets tried that, too - the church doesn't die.

If the government tries to boot us out of the public square, we create our own space, and you get a divided society.

I'm not sure that a divided society is actually what Aussies want, generally speaking.

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Church/State and discrimination 

There's a bit of a situation happening. You see, the essentially centre-right Australian Christian Lobby is holding events around Australia. But the Western Australian state government has banned them from using public halls etc for their events, on the grounds that they don't like their beliefs. The ACL is debating whether to sue, as this is clear discrimination on religious and political grounds...

But here's the thing: the same people complaining that the WA government can't discriminate in who to hire halls out to, were pretty much universally in favour of the cake bakers in the US not being required to promote opinions they disagreed with.

... uh, ...

pre-lockdown op shop run and panic clean done, now to pick up other child from late rehearsal and hope for the best...

Immunised. It's IMMUNISED.

You get your 'blue book', take the book and the kid down to the nurse or GP, and they give the relevant shots and put a sticker in the book, then you have your immunisation records all done.

In Australia, we never used to talk about 'vaccination', that's American terminology. But since the rise of the anti-vaxxer movement and the Australian journalists all taking their cues and talking points from the US, I haven't heard a single person on the radio or TV use the word 'immunised' or 'immunisation'.

If you want to argue about effectiveness, that's another debate, and I'm not really in the mood (sorry).

This is just yet another one of those things where I'm fed up with American digital colonialism taking over our news media

Been reading up on a few different social issues today... (I won't name them as I don't want to get derailed).

As I read panicked, flustered articles getting hot under the collar about wild conspiracies, I keep remembering:

"Never attribute to malice, what you can attribute to stupidity" (or even just someone trying to cover their backside).

I actually did some tidying up! And now nobody can find anything 😁

It sucks that the doesn't have a vibrate function. I rely on it with my other phones because I can't hear properly. It's an thing.

Otherwise I generally don't hear alarms or calls until after everyone else in the room has heard and reacted. Much easier to leave it on buzz - still audible but nowhere near as disruptive

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