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Things I like reading on the Fediverse:

- funny memes
- updates or comments about projects you are working on
- interesting news stories from the rest of the world (not the US)
- what men like about women
- what people like about people they admire/respect
- things which contradict my thinking and make me reconsider
- small things you can do to make the environment better
- funny quotes
- honest wrestling with God and theology and the bible

What's the difference between when the israelites were told to leave the bits they missed when harvesting, for the poor, and Universal Basic Income?

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I've been cross-posting almost-daily #devotional content to and gemini://

The gemini site looks better. (Content is mostly subset of gemtext/markdown). How should I share with friends? Convince ppl to get a gemini client? My gemini client?

I really want to write a PRM and relational tasks app based off monicahq but have limited time... At the moment the only real way to do that reasonably quickly and maintainably seems to be to write an android app. Otherwise linux apps seem to involve learning UI-specific toolkits (gtk, kde). This would mean such an app would then only run on specific OS/UI combinations

Thing is, I want to shift to using my pinephone - even with hopeless battery life and no MMS - and I want the prm/tasks app to work on the pinephone. At the moment, I can't see a way to do this.

I'm surprised Brave or Iceweasel or something doesn't have gemini:// support built in yet...

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Anticipation for mundane things are a type and shadow of anticipation for greater things.

Let those anticipations for mundane things ever point you to the anticipation you should have for the things of God you are receiving, and will receive.

Even though they're originally constructed in Java/Kotlin, .apk's being adopted as a common standard will work in favour of linux phones. It means app developers can write once, run anywhere - and that drives development faster than nearly anything else.

This project is funding for anbox development on UTouch specifically. I think it's really, really important, if linux phones are going to be useful to anyone other than hard-core tinkerers.

Apparently, heaps of people had seen this, but I hadn't - masks getting recycled into litter-pickers in the UK! ❤️

dear future me: this was the article about teaching kids to read that you found helpful and calm and rational...

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It is frustrating me intensely that otherwise intelligent, capable, caring teachers - who genuinely want good outcomes for students - are sticking to what they were taught in the 90s. And for no good reason that I can see, other than stubbornness and refusal to take in new research (from national and interstate teaching bodies, not from me as a parent!!)

For some reason, it's taking a lot to calm down into "agree to disagree" mode

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This evening's random conversation was explaining the gist of Olbers' Paradox to our 10yo

Today I am working through deep and abiding frustration that most primary schools in our state still teach reading by rote memorisation of words, rather than by using phonics ...

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Sugar - , Fruit and Veg + 

6/ Having a market within an hours' drive really helps. It means we can stock up on fruit and veg for what we can afford. It's fresh and in season and the market has *massive* variety - everything from chokos and custard apples to brussels sprouts, taro, daikons and bitter melon!

Focusing on eating new and interesting fruit & veg rather than trying to not-eat stuff makes the whole thing easier to cope with mentally. Without that i think I'd just curl up into a ball until I adjust

Our kids are doing well adapting too - they're up to 34+ varieties of veggies and 23 different fruits that they will happily eat :)

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Food decoration without icing? 

5/ It turns out that if you want to still have fun with food presentation, but you don't want to just use lots and lots of (sugar) icing, your best friend is probably Kawaii Bento.

Otherwise, you're looking at endless 'food decoration' manuals that are 95% icing techniques!

I haven't found a good western manual that does fun food presentation using real food, other than fancy plating-up of food, restaurant style. What about piping sour cream onto thick soup, and making shapes with it? What about dauphin potatoes, the asian thing where they cut carrots and radishes into shapes, or bread loaves that look really cool?

(maybe I should write a 'food decoration sourcebook' for people like me lol... with puree recipes for coloured purees, different techniques etc)

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Faith + I quit sugar, and then realised stuff 

4/ actually, it's a lot like religious *repentance*. True repentance for a wiccan means things like burning all your craft books and getting rid of the stuff - to stop eating sugar i basically had to not have it in the house, put away the junk food cookbooks, and go looking for 'real' food to eat instead.

It was really hard to quit, but as i cleaned sugar out of the house and learnt new ways to eat, it felt like repentance a bit - except I didn't get any real reward, at least not yet... i just have no crutch at 3pm when i'm tired and have low blood sugar. hmph

Also then our family have literally been throwing wrapped chocolates into our front yard, handing chocolate eggs to the kids, bringing us cake, and offering us biscuits with icing on top.

They mean well and are just trying to meet social obligations but i wonder if it's a bit like that with unbelieving family in a faith context - you're invited to watch shows you've decided not to anymore, or drink more than you were going to, or whatever your convictions are

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I quit sugar, and then realised stuff 

3/ I have to clean out our cookbooks. Resolving not to eat sugar cane, sugar beet or HFCS (and no artificial sweeteners) means no lamingtons, scrolls, sweet biscuits, cakes, jam, chutneys, slices, danishes, mousse, cupcakes, cake pops ... we have all these different foods that are all still just different ways of serving up sugar, wheat, and fat.

It's like giving up alcohol, which actually means no cider, shots, spirits, beer, red or white wine, mead, ... etc etc - it's not like giving up carrots or apples which aren't actually in *everything*

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I quit sugar, and then realised stuff 

2/ The biggest thing I realised but didn't expect is how much of an industry we've made out of it: If we all quit sugar, then Nestle, Cadbury, Hershey's, Allens, and all the other sugar-based brands are sunk. (And no, I'm not interested in artificial substitutes, they're worse. We don't need them!) Are we going to look back on history and say, 'how nuts is it that we had entire shops filled with a multitude of products made with this one ingredient that was bad for us, and we knew it?'

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I quit sugar, and then realised stuff 

I quit, a few weeks ago. By 'quit sugar', I mean I stopped eating anything that contains 'sugar' as a listed ingredient. (I'll spare you my reasons because I have zero interest in trying to argue about it.)

But the thing I didn't realise is how enmeshed it is in our food, and our culture.

1/ The biggest thing which I expected was all the added sugar to random things: like pasta sauce. Why do breadrolls, mayonnaise, taco seasoning, sausages or lasagne need sugar added to them??

But that wasn't actually the hardest part. I can read labels and just choose not to eat stuff with added sugar, it's not hard by itself, but...

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