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Things I like reading on the Fediverse:

- funny memes
- updates or comments about projects you are working on
- interesting news stories from the rest of the world (not the US)
- what men like about women
- what people like about people they admire/respect
- things which contradict my thinking and make me reconsider
- small things you can do to make the environment better
- funny quotes
- honest wrestling with God and theology and the bible

Happy System Administrator Appreciation Day to all you sysadmins out there!

We appreciate your work keeping things running, especially on the Fediverse, where most of it is done by volunteers. ❤️

POV... when you're like "I'm going to declutter" so you get a box of barely played with, good condition toys and some other stuff, and take them to the op shop, only to be met with a sign saying "not accepting donations today due to lack of staff"

... at six op shops in a row.

... never mind, I don't need to declutter right now

SO I've had my nose in my bible again... and keep being reminded that God's ways really aren't the same as ours.

For starters: God hates sin, and didn't just say "try not to do it so often".

The bible actually says, "put to death the works for the flesh: sensuality, immorality, idolatry and covetousness..."

I mean, ouch

Administrative note: I just received a request to share our server's moderation data from someone who claims to be a university researcher (and seems to be legitimate - on a cursory search).

I rejected that request for a variety of reasons; chief among which is that such data does not belong to me, even as a server admin who solely pays for the hosting of my server. Since this is the case, further research into their claims was, frankly, unnecessary.

We made a promise that user data is not for sale - and "free" is a price. Yes, it probably would be *possible* to remove "sensitive" information - but that would be at my own judgment, not that of the users to whom it pertains. All of the moderation data, it is true, would concern users which are from other servers - but I don't see how that matters. Giving away someone else's data, even that of people we have specifically moderated, doesn't seem any more palatable, when viewed in that light.

Caveat: I was willing to share a) The simple number of federated users deactivated b) The simple number of posts moderated c) The amount of time per day that I spend on moderation - as that is either data generated by the server itself, or properly belonging to myself. I am also aware that some would find even that to be an overreach - and I understand that position, somewhat - but I will reiterate that such data, which pertains solely to server operation, is purely within my discretion, as server administrator, as it gives out absolutely no personal data other than my own, and only server data, otherwise.

While I sympathize with researchers' omnipresent need for data, I would caution fellow server admins to remember that administration is a trust, and that such trust needs to be fed and watered on occasion for it to stay healthy. You don't have the luxury of choosing who to share your users' data with.

For some reason I'm intensely curious about the effect of talking to a good chatbot on serotonin and oxytocin levels... but there don't seem to be any studies on it that I can find.

Funny, but I would have thought the progressives in question could use google for enough seconds to look up words.

Wouldn't it be "sola affectus interiorem" or "sola miseratio sui" or even just "sola affectus"


There's so many "Christian Business Network" type organisations, boys' clubs and groups around, but they all seem to be the hyped-up pentecostal types. The kind that say things like "This year is gonna be your year!" and "Faith can move mountains!!" I know they mean well, but the breathless, high-octane feel of them are a bit much for me at the moment

Is there a 'Christian Business network' that sounds more like "let's be faithful in stewarding our time and caring for our employees, and establish an honest business which respects our customers"?

Mozilla’s new Firefox Translations extension is totally offline. Totally. Totally Mozilla offline.

#mozilla #offline #totally #privacy

people who are not allowed to criticize blockchains:
• those whose work involves blockchains
• those whose work does not involve blockchains

SO... In the interests of not having to replace plastic ink cartridges all the time, we got an eco tank printer - you refill the ink directly into it. In theory anyway. Hundreds of pages into using it we're still only half through our first tank.

The thing has actually been good as gold so far.

Our last one was a pain so we didn't have a printer at all for about five years, but this one isn't as bad...

Will post this poll on three different instances. On how many Mastodon instances do you have at least one account? (And please boost if you’re similarly curious about how others do this. Thanks!)

Having a complicated phone unlock code is a really effective way to prevent me doing dumb things when I'm half awake or overtired... Because I can't unlock the phone so I write it down for later, or forget

Then later I go, "thank God I didn't actually do/write that"

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