Dusted off a concrete form system that I engineered back in 2008. It is much cheaper than the system I am using on my house, but no one wants to give planning approval/lend money for things that are unconventional. Makes me sad. I look at all of the crazy stuff built in the 70's and 80's and wonder if we will ever get back to such a creatively bold time. I might be able to sneak this into a barn or stables.


@daniel that looks so cool.

Do you just need a civ eng to certify that it isn't gonna come crashing down?

@rose_myrtle Pretty much. I'm not a PE but have a degree in civil, so I did the calcs and had it stamped. Need to redo the process since I'm in another state now. I made a few more renderings, I'll see if I can hunt them down. I wonder how public domain works for engineered documents. Would be nice to release them with a few how-to videos along the way.

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