"How to know if you are in love with Jesus - Francis Chan"

Always awesome to hear the truth. Loving Jesus. Really in love with Jesus. Not the things he gives, but the person Jesus. It's an important question.

"‘How God Made Me Happy in Him’: John Piper’s Journey to Joy"

This is interesting. Finding pleasure in doing what the Lord says. That's a goal that I would like to achieve. Nothing would make me more happier if I could do that.

I think it's an important part to being fulfilled in Christ. If you can't be happy in him, then what can?

"Distance Instagram from other social networks"

This shit is why the fediverse will thrive.

Facebook is too scared to let other social networks be mentioned along side them 😂

Out of the dozen commercials I made for #pixelfed, I am most proud of this one. #soon

I still find it interesting how they great in Spain. With the kisses and stuff.... Remains an interesting sight to see haha

I tried to follow my writefreely account, but it seems I can't see the posts when I look at the account unfortunately.


I now know all the federated social media protocols. Only HubZilla is communicating with eveyone... it's actually what it is... a hub lol

"The Laws of Nature by C.S. Lewis Doodle"

Nice animation about the laws of nature and how this all corresponds to God.

Does anybody know how the community feature in Riot works? Are there currently communities available?

A vulnerability in WhatsApp was abused to install surveillance malware on phones of journalists and human rights activists. To make sure that potential vulnerabilities are found quickly, the code must be open source. That's why all Tutanota clients - web, apps, desktop clients - are published under GPLv3.

What a lesson today. Love is giving place and time when one asks for that instead of having one for one self.

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