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I don't follow or reciprocate following several fine folk because I have enough exposure already to political news and opinion. Not that I may have anything against them.

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Regular reminder that There's Life was started as a friendly community of Christians to grow together, not as a place for politics, conspiracy, or anything inflammatory.

Of course no one is restricted from posting about certain topics, just "let the mind of Christ be in you" when participating in conversation. ❤️

Have our social-site minders been seen or heard from lately?

The full-name blog has been neglected. Do I kill it?

Some of the best places to be are the least frequented by the crowd.

The Door

> Doors come in different shapes and sizes. They can be made of various materials with bright or subdued colors. However, their purpose is a common one. They allow access.

Daily Devotional

> We must begin by acknowledging that we need God's help, God's power and God's life. Dead things cannot grow; and without Christ we are spiritually dead.

I had a long list of devotional sites. Am cutting them down, since many are problematic or fail to deliver.

Prayer for today | Forthright Fellowship Room

> ... quick translation from the Portuguese of a prayer I wrote this morning during my devotional time. Perhaps it might encourage you. An amen at the bottom will encourage me.

K-9 Mail is back

> The user interface has been redesigned. Some of you will love it, some will hate it. You’re welcome and we’re sorry.

hahahaha I love this. Good sense of humor.


Primary-school rules good for grown-ups, too – Brotherhood News

> Each morning before we dropped our son off at school, we asked, “What are your rules?”

Name three places in the Bible where baskets appear.

On , I'm wondering if I should check delete messages from server, to keep from maxing out my email account. But will that affect usability, I'll still have the messages locally, right?

Item in a booklet of Bible questions:

> Name at least 10 Bible mountains.

Used to, when people employed figures of speech, they might say, "figuratively speaking." Now, in eight out of 10 statements, they say "literally," whether so speaking or not. Is this progress?

Are there any cases where one cannot leave off the phrase: "and all that"?

Friday, Week 1

> We thank You for the rest of the past night. Many have died since the sun went down — but we have been spared. Now we would give ourselves to You for this new day. We would make it a holy day, and we ask You for grace to do so.

So the character limit has been knocked down?

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