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I don't follow or reciprocate following several fine folk because I have enough exposure already to political news and opinion. Not that I may have anything against them.

Video got separated and thrown down to corner of screen as I scrolled down. I hate that!
It used to just stop. Turn back the clock!

I don't link to NYT, but this just confirms more that healthcare is a business:

> Why do so many Americans still undergo colonoscopies, then? “There’s a large financial incentive for people who do colonoscopies to do colonoscopies,” Dr. Goodwin said, so patients may not hear much about the alternatives.

There's an alternative just as good or better. So ...

A prayer for today:

God Almighty, give me your strength today to know and obey your will, to have wisdom to meet the day's challenges, and to choose well my tasks.

CNN Airport Network to Shut Down on March 31 | TVNewser

> “The steep decline in airport traffic because of Covid-19, coupled with all the new was that people are consuming content on their personal devices, has lessened the need for the CNN Airport Network,” he wrote.

Which the bigger factor, reckon?

One good thing to come out of the pandemic.

Can you tell me why today's posts on this site are brought to you by the letter "U"? (Hint: It'll probably take a ham radio operator to know why.)

Uncomfortable problems the church needs to talk about (1) | Forthright Fellowship Room

> In the next several issues of my personal essays I intend to touch upon a few untouchables and mention a few unmentionables, maybe even one or two “please don’t talk about that” issues — difficult and uncomfortable matters that will not be solved and will not go away by being ignored. There are in fact many uncomfortable problems the church generally ignores, matters that cause great pain and perhaps some embarrassment and uneasiness but seldom get mentioned, either from the pulpit or in classrooms, or in printed materials produced by the church — perhaps not even in private conversation, matters we just don’t really want to talk about. There may be some people too who are “untouchables” – not to Jesus but to His hypercritical people.

A few lessons learned during these years. Article is short, seems a bit shallow, but respecting the word limit.

Just deactivated two more Twitter accounts. I have several for each of our websites.

Where are those sites that recommend open source alternatives to proprietary services like Google Drive? My son is asking.

Have been out all day. Kinda tired.


Is this something new?

> Older toots from other servers are not displayed.

Why would want to access my photos?
I said no.

Welcome! Reveal yourself a bit. Hope you enjoy being here.

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Is there any hope for me?
I, with sin in full degree?
Far from God, with self alone,
Reaping fruit I’ve wildly sown?

News of joy is hard to hear:
God came down as man, and near?
Help for me to change by love,
Pay my debt, and sins remove.

Now to choose, my way release:
Heaven, send me your perfect peace.
Nothing bar the narrow path:
Hope is mine from coming wrath.

The Daily Cross > Lyrics | B. P. H.

A good thought, from this old hymn:

Lord, day by day I view Thy wondrous cross
On Calvary!
And day by day I stretch my hands thereon
And die with Thee.

I “glory in the cross,” most loving Lord,
Because I know
It is the pow’r to save and satisfy,
Where’er I go.

The daily cross becomes the deepest joy,
For just beyond
The cross, I clearly see how cross and crown
Do correspond.

Oh, gracious Lord, how sweet to take from Thee
The daily cross,
And know that I can never separate
Its gain and loss.

The daily cross is daily loss to all
That keeps from Thee;
The daily cross is daily gain of all
Thou art for me.

WhatsApp changed its privacy policy where you agree to tell all. So where to go next?
99.9% of Brazil is on WA. Almost impossible to do without it here.

One-line prayer:

Remind me, Father, that you are sovereign and see everything that happens on the earth. Let my peace rest in this.

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