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I don't follow or reciprocate following several fine folk because I have enough exposure already to political news and opinion. Not that I may have anything against them.

Jetstar pilots forgot to lower the landing gear - Airline Ratings

> ATSB transport safety director Dr Start Godley said the incident highlighted the importance of adhering to standard operating procedures and correctly monitoring the aircraft’s approach.

Methinks there's a spiritual lesson here, too. God has directives for his people. Follow them, and be safe.

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We have reached 15% of our goal! Only $175 to go. Thanks for your awesome donations.

Have a great day everyone.

Lack of humility is an ugly thing – Forthright Magazine

> Cain killed his brother. He did so because he would not own up to his unacceptable offering. Where did he learn such hubris? Did he observe the blame game being played by his parents? Humility would have led him to admit his failing to the Lord and to ask him for forgiveness. But no response of his is recorded to the Lord’s admonishment in Genesis 4.6. Was his the first passive-aggressive reaction? Instead of humility, he sought revenge. He refused to be shamed by his sin.

Anybody do habit tracking? What do you use? I'm tired of drawing lines every month in my . Something good and free out there you know of?

Busy day, all good. Gone most of the day to other congregation in town, spoke there, lunch and fellowship time, we were among the last to leave. Good to be with friends in Christ.

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I found out today that I was speaking tomorrow. Let me rephrase that: I got an invitation today to speak tomorrow. Is OK, I got something up my sleeve, points from my personal reading this morning. Needs some filling in, but very doable.

Daily Study Bible: Evening, December 7

> Further, it means that He will quiet us with His love. We are excitable creatures. All the cares and concerns of life can upset us. We are prone to fear and worry. Our faith tends to dissipate under pressure and we may emphatically express our fears and worries frantically. God, however, quiets us. He quiets us with His loving presence. Although our problems may remain for a while, His loving presence comforts us and quiets us down.

Good friends, good music, good food!
And now for a good rest!

The more the better?
I beg to differ:
Add lots more pepper!

Concern … and answered prayer – Forthright Magazine

> When Paul was concerned, he prayed. But he also did what he could do – he sent someone he could trust to go and see what was going on. What a great example for us. Replace our worry with prayer and always do what we can do to encourage those we are concerned about.

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Here are three of the awesome users of the There's Life Mastodon instance:

@zudn avid blogger, posts great encouraging messages

@b2e posts great updates on the atrocities of China and other news about freedom worldwide, and is a helpful moderator

@ragamuffinjim has been posting some awesome pictures of the wood projects he's been working on.

(the descriptions are simply my impressions of them)

Rivers could generate thousands of nuclear power plants worth of energy, thanks to a new ‘blue’ membrane | Science | AAAS

> There are several ways to generate power from that mixing. And a couple of blue energy power plants have been built. But their high cost has prevented widespread adoption.

Me: These small issues never seem to get much attention.

Good morning or ! Getting a late start today. But we got overcast skies and a very nice rain. No big commitments on the outside, but plenty to do in the home office. Makes for a happy, exciting day. And you?

Anybody know of a simple online - and free - way to write on a virtual index card. I want to produce a jpg with it to share. Hope I'm making sense.

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Our goal is $200 to cover our expenses for the next year.

Anyone who would like to donate can do so via PayPal at or via cryptocurrency (send a direct message to @masterofthetiger to donate this way).

I do not plan to release the names of the donors, but if you would like to be listed in a page on There's Life, please send a direct message to this account.

This account will periodically post updates on our progress.

Thank you.

We seek to fill the page's void
And keep from feeling paranoid
That sprites might come and from us steal
Our words — Once written, they are real!

I got the impression somewhere that the and projects were related. Guess I was confused.

Ever wonder why a site seems to hang, instead of load? Me, too.

The Voices of the World

Appetite says, “Be sensuous, enjoy yourself.”

Education says, “Be resourceful, expand yourself.”

Materialism says, “Be satisfied, please yourself.”

Psychology says, “Be confident, fulfill yourself.”

Pride says, “Be superior, promote yourself.”

Humanism says, “Be capable believe in yourself.”

God says, “Be wise, humble yourself.”

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