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I don't follow or reciprocate following several fine folk because I have enough exposure already to political news and opinion. Not that I may have anything against them.

Federated feed is getting a bit racy, and I may even have to unfollow a news bot if it keeps getting bad.

Having an issue here: Images are not uploading.

Sorry, images don't seem to be uploading for me.

I stayed here, @fitheach , for a few months, back when the world was young.

Moses, Pharoah and God – Forthright Magazine

> By Johnny O. Trail — He was the most powerful leader in the world at that time. His nation was incredibly wealthy with a powerful standing military that had no rival. The nation he ruled was at the pinnacle of the civilized world. In addition to its art and culture, the architecture of its empire is still studied and marveled at today.

In Col 4.7, most versions prefer translating the Greek word διάκονος as "minister" rather than its general sense, "servant." Why is that? A few, mostly off-versions, translate it as "deacon." Are most of them tainted by a clergy mindset? Or is it simpler, that the third noun is σύνδουλος, which most translate as "fellow(-)servant", and they don't want to translate it a slave, so avoid servant twice in the same phrase? NASB doesn't have a problem with that, however.

J. McFerrin on Ezekiel's visions, good stuff.

> The prophet’s vision made a remarkable change. He was taken to the eastern door at the front of the temple and saw a shallow ankle-deep stream of water flowing from beneath the eastern threshold of the temple. After moving a relatively short distance, the flowing water had become a river that he could not cross. It flowed into a salty sea and turned it into fresh water that was full of life. That vision is indicative of the abundant salvation that can be found in our Lord Jesus Christ, the King that came many years later.

And His Strength Left Him – Sermon Lines

> Like Superman, Samson had great strength, but he had his kryptonite–women!  Many like to blame Delilah (and she was certainly evil), but Samson, like us, was lured and enticed by his own evil desire.

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Type and antitype help us to understand spiritual realities.

"Just as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, so must the Son of Man be lifted up, so that everyone who believes in him may have eternal life" John 3.14-15.

Mike Brooks: Overcoming adversity – Forthright Magazine

> It is not unusual for people to take pride in, or even boast about, the problems that they face in their lives. Athletes will often speak in interviews about “All the adversity I (or we) have overcome” to be successful as an individual or a team. They are not the only ones to use hardships as motivation to try to prove themselves to others. Minorities, the poor, and those with various handicaps will all display their problems proudly to show the extent of their triumphs and successes.

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Humanism is a religious system built upon the foundation of evolution.

Christianity is a religious system built upon the foundation of creation.

What you believe has foundations. Those foundations must be defended. You can't neglect them or pretend they are not as important as they are.

In the same way, to show the problems with an ideology, you present the issues with its foundation.

I thought held promise as a tiddlywiki installation, but it hasn't come through, too much delay.

Pretty much have given up on having a online much as The options out there aren't up to snuff. And I don't have the smarts to do it. Still using my personal TW and some others for small websites uploaded to the web.

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