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I don't follow or reciprocate following several fine folk because I have enough exposure already to political news and opinion. Not that I may have anything against them.

I know it's a whole different animal, but after exchanging audio messages rather extensively this morning with two friends, it has me thinking more about some type of . Or maybe just doing something of the sort on Telegram, dunno. Gotta be simple.

It's time to call it a night,
So I can wake up bright;
I'll close my eyes — and what a surprise! —
I soon discover it's light!

Weary hands – Forthright Magazine

> The eighty-year-old was tired. His hands were weary. Victory or defeat were in the balance. He needed help.

What's the best Mastodon app with multiple accounts for the MacOS system?

Anybody familiar with this one?

Out and about today with so many things closed because virus.

Good morning!
There are glad things, sad things, and mad things.
You .

Daily Devotional

> All that he left when living was through; was a mountain of things he intended to do - tomorrow. (Unknown)

I need to check the Local feed more often. I miss stuff in the regular feed. Almost forgot the Local is there. Federated feed is a bit wild.

Setting God’s agenda – Forthright Magazine

> One of the most persistent human endeavors is to attempt to compel God to do our will. An observation of worldwide religious activities reveals that many of those things we call “worship” are actually attempts to persuade or coerce “god” to perform actions which we desire to be done. These include the many fertility rituals, much sacrifice, and even many prayers.

Prodigals need to leave the pigpen | Forthright Fellowship Room

> Poet Robert Frost said, somewhat cynically, “Home is a place where, when you have to go there they have to take you in.” Maybe that was the rule in his home but it is not universally true.

There is hope for everyone – Forthright Magazine

> Manasseh should have had everything going for him. He was the son of Hezekiah, who brought about change and reform throughout Judah as he turned the people back to following God.

On “getting” poetry by Adam Kirsch | The New Criterion

> In poetry, the opposite is true: the emphasis is on the words themselves, as much as or even more than what they mean.

Not sure I agree with that.

Up from the Grave He Arose – Sermon Lines

> Last July, six year-old Bridger Walker threw himself in front of a mean dog to shield his little sister from certain death.

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