@zudn Hey friend, I don't want to intrude about your religion, but I did noticed that your previous post about the beautiful prayer and read it. My question, are you a believer of the One True God, or the Trinity?

How do you distinguish between the two?


Sure, my apologies it took this long to answer. Trinitarians believe in three co eternals being that share one substance. The one true God movement believe in one God, The Father. He is a personal spiritual being omnipotent and eternal and infinite in wisdom holiness and Justice and everywhere present by His representative, The Holy Spirit .

Jesus who is the Literal Son of the Eternal Father. Basically they don't believe in the Trinity.

Who had a literal Son and

@Zudn @Joshua
Seems to me the one God who is called the Father means the Son, at least, must exist.

@zudn My apologies, can you please expand what you wrote, I did not understand it. Do you mean Jesus is less than the Father?

@Zudn @Joshua
No, not at all.
Jesus is one with the Father. He voluntarily submitted himself.

@zudn Gotcha, thank you for the explanation.

Yes, the movement is a non-trinitarian movement.

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