What do you think of this book cover? First impression, positive or negative?


Unless I'm missing something really obvious (that's happened before...), I can't respond because I don't understand. Or, my response would not be to the meaning but to my not understanding (which would be frustration).

This is the book cover I'm planning to use for my next book in Portuguese. So wondering how it strikes people, just the format, not necessarily the meaning. Sorry!


Well, in that case I thought the layout was very striking.

Well, don't want anybody experiencing that!

What was it that gave you that sensation?

@zudn mostly the boldness of the large letters plus the boldness of the red,i felt the urge to snap back away from it.

@zudn I see "danger, blood", is that what you want?

I want to draw contrast (such as difference between truth and lie) and catch attention.

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