Trying out because it makes sense to me (even if I don't understand the inner workings), being a heavy email user myself. Also avoids problem of convincing people to adopt something new in order to be useful.

I understand the chats are kept separately from your emails, which I like because I was concerned that short chat messages would clutter up my email folders.


@zudn well, this looks interesting.

Do you create a new email account to use it, or does it work with your existing account?

I'm gonna poke around and probably find the answer in a bit!
@zudn yeah, I started trying to fiddle with it and discovered that. Unfortunately, it doesn't work with either of my current email accounts it seems.

Tutanota doesn't use IMAP, and my work email is ran through outlook and IT seems to have that thing clamped down where it won't connect.

Could always go back to my old Gmail account with it... but...

@keelancook Gotcha. I had to fiddle a bit in Fastmail, but even I was able to get the third-party permission done with no problem.

@zudn @delta Just so you know, because it's e-mail-based, it will leak metadata about your communications -- who you send messages to and when, and possibly a few other types of information.

@JonYoder @delta To whom? Is it not an improvement over WhatsApp and other messenger services? I started with Telegram and now they going with ads. Supposedly, I won't see them — yet. But it's just a matter of time, probably.

@zudn @delta Anyone with access to the traffic or the message itself.

@JonYoder @zudn
Today messages sent from one server to another over SMTP port 25 are usually encrypted with STARTTLS, so observing the traffic does not give access to metadata. There are still servers which don't support transport encryption and encryption is downgradable if the server does not support MTA-STS or DANE. A good place to start reading about it is
You can check your server on and

@JonYoder @zudn I wondered about that as well. I don't know much about how the stuff works, but from what I've read, email doesn't appear to be a very secure medium.

However, the appeal of being able to chat everyone with an email address in a non-email interface is really nice.

@keelancook @zudn Email is terrible for security, but you're quite right that there is a low barrier to entry. Delta's use of encryption makes it much less bad. 😀

@JonYoder @zudn Any better alternatives out there that take advantage of the ubiquity of email addresses with proper security and ease of interface?

I don't even know if it's possible for that combo to exist.

@keelancook @zudn Nope. That's why I started Mensago. Signal comes close, and that's what I use

@JonYoder @zudn Yeah, I've seen you speaking of it on here. I'm curious to see what's going on with that.

@JonYoder @keelancook
I find that interesting about email considering it's high-use in business contexts.

@zudn @keelancook I completely agree. Sad is probably a more appropriate word

That is right. Yet I recommend a dedicated email account. Otherwise it can take some time to adjust other email clients not to show the messages additionaly.

Have fun. #DeltaChat works reliable. There is also a hidden feature to make video/ audio calls. Among other things

@7daq0 @delta Thanks for the note. At the moment, I only use my email via web, so it's not a problem. At some point I may well try out the video and audio. Thanks again.

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