After the new start-up, what's the plan for

@zudn I think @josias has handed over the day to day running of to @jwinnie and @ChiaChatter so it will probably keep going as is? could be wrong

@rose_myrtle @zudn @josias @jwinnie @ChiaChatter Yes, but jwinnie got busy so it's mostly ChiaChatter working on moderation and me quietly running administrative things in the background.

@eschatosoof @josias
Suggestions for ...?
(Sorry, sometimes I'm a bit dense.)

Hmm benign ... That is yours, too, right, or did I cross wires?

@zudn Yep, it is. I started it as a generic instance, especially for the Twitter migrants. It hasn't blown up as I'd thought though.

Nothing's happening to There's Life. I'm still managing it.

@zudn It hasn't been, since Jeremy got busy. We cancelled that project for the time being, unfortunately.

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