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> John Piper observes in his book, A Hunger for God, “The greatest adversary of love to God is not his enemies but his gifts. And the most deadly appetites are not for the poison of evil, but for the simple pleasures of earth. For when these replace an appetite for God himself, the idolatry is scarcely recognizable, an [and?] almost incurable” (p. 14).

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This is a good list:

• Kindness: Discovering the Joy of Helping Others
• Patience: Accepting the Imperfections of Others
• Forgiveness: Finding Freedom from the Grip of Anger
• Courtesy: Treating Others as Friends
• Humility: Stepping Down So Someone Else Can
Step Up
• Generosity: Giving Yourself to Others
• Honesty: Revealing Who You Really Are

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> Which is worse: being shut up in your home for several weeks, or suffering persecution for your faith? The answer is obvious.

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> As Christians, we are called to love one another. This is not the love known by the world for it is not an emotion. It is a decision to seek what is good for others. Imagine for a moment how that would change our world.

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> Christians live with God under the law of liberty (Romans 8:2), but this does not mean we are free from the law of loving our neighbor (Romans 14:13-15).

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> If working in God’s Kingdom motivated by love seems vague or mysterious to you, let’s bring it down to earth a bit and put it in human terms.

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> We all struggle with sin, with doing what is wrong. The good news that encourages me is that God corrects me. He disciplines me. He loves me. His love is apparent when he disciplines me.

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> Most everyone is familiar with John 3.16. It has become a favorite verse of many. God loves the world! But this fine summary needs to be supplemented with the full gospel. A good place to start for this is another word from Jesus, also in the gospel of John.

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> Love endures. It is what will carry us to the end. Not the passionate, emotional type of love that the world holds in such high esteem. This love is the type that is a decision to do what Jesus commands.

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Have you ever thought about how we know to do things? Not many things, if any, are innate. Something that is there without me having to develop it. Breathing is perhaps one thing. But, even that at times can be compromised by stress so that it is not done properly. Why do we think that love is any different?

Our confidence as Christians, Jon Galloway – Forthright Magazine forthright.net/2019/11/29/our-

>The first letter of John comes as a breath of fresh air to those who are trying to live for Jesus. People around us tell us so much that simply isn’t true. It seems many think if they say something often enough and loud enough that it becomes true! Let’s notice some of the truths that John gives us in the last chapter of this short letter.

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> The custom of honoring guests and dignitaries by putting a scarf or garland around their neck is strong in Nepal and much of Asia. In the churches, visiting missionaries, as well as Nepali preachers and leaders, and local civic leaders are almost always welcomed by the ceremony of “garlanding.” It is a means of demonstrating respect and showing that they are held in honor. The traditional scarves and flowers are of little intrinsic value, but the act of being shown respect is priceless.

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> The various and wonderful aspects of God’s nature and personality are a single unit. Westerners like to break things down into their component units. The ancient Hebrews, however, liked to pull things together, considering them as a whole. The former group excels in analysis; the latter, in synthesis.

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> A group of us were driving out of the city of Khulna when a large truck met us, driving the wrong way on our side of the divided highway. This is a frequent occurrence in Bangladesh where traffic laws are seldom enforced and many drivers are poorly trained. As we carefully steered around the truck I asked the other passengers in our van, “When Jesus commanded us to love our neighbors, did he know there would be truck drivers?”

For a brother in Christ we bother,
With love for the family of faith;
We care for one another,
Walking the narrow path.

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