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Greetings! This is an instance dedicated to followers of Jesus Christ. Feel free to join. Overall, enjoy the fellowship of others.

This is basically a Mastodon instance for Christians, but there are a couple other changes from other instances as well:

  • 5432 characters per post (instead of 500)
  • 5432 characters for your profile description (instead of 500)
  • 6 table fields to use to describe yourself (instead of 4)

If you do not receive a confirmation email upon setting up, please contact @life or email lifenetwork@pm.me

If for some reason the website goes down, go to https://about.theres.life. Bookmark it now so you can check it later.

If you would like to donate to keep this and related services running, you may do so with the following methods:

  • PayPal: lifenetwork@pm.me

What's Mastodon?

There's Life is an instance in the Fediverse running the Mastodon software (thus, a Mastodon instance). Which enables you to speak from your @theres.life account and communicate with people on other instances in the Fediverse such as mastodon.social, qoto.org, and countless others. It's decentralized like email (i.e. I can send you a message from Yahoo mail to your Gmail account)

See MasterOfTheTiger's blog post on Decentralized Social Networks and Censorship for information about how decentralization prevents censorship.

Convinced yet? Join theres.life now! or find another instance to join/

Check out the Profile Directory to see a few of the interesting people current using There's Life.

Rules for this Instance

This is not a legal document, but rather a set of rules to follow which is up to the interpretation of the moderators.

This is entirely up to the moderators' discretion, and you may be banned for things not listed here. For questions contact @Life.

Information about Toots

Posts on Mastodon are called "toots" (as opposed to Twitter's "tweets"). When you "toot", you can choose the visibility of the post:

  • Public: The toot appears in the home timelines of your followers, on the local timeline of There's Life, and on the federated timeline of other instances, and on your public profile.
  • Unlisted: The toot appears in the home timelines of your followers, and on your public profile.
  • Followers only: The toot appears in the home timelines of your followers, and when your followers view your profile.
  • Direct: The toot only is shown to those who were mentioned (@) in the toot.

Rules for all Toots

Any toot posted must not contain any of the following:

  • Excessive advertising
  • Anything sexually suggestive, pornography, or nudity, including artistic depictions
  • Excessive cursing/swearing
  • Gore and extremely graphic violence, including artistic depictions
  • The personal information of someone else (without their consent)

Specific Rules for Public Toots

Any toot posted publicly must not contain any of the following:

  • Any cursing/swearing
  • Commercial advertising
  • Anything illegal in certain jurisdictions

Rules for Bots

No automated posting (without direct human supervision, such as a Twitter crossposter) is allowed on There's Life without prior permission from an admin.

All in all, keep There's Life a family friendly place.

Extra note which should be obvious, but needs to be made clear: any kind of Nazi-ism, racism, white supremacy, or any other group that is based on hatred for others are not welcome here. We want this to be a great place for followers of Jesus, not a place for people to advocate evil. Remember, there is neither Jew nor Greek, slave nor free in the eyes of God.